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Archons is an RPG where you play as a godlike being telling the story of your followers and your people as you work together to build a city. As an archon, you gather connection, which represents your ability and willingness to work miracles. You will have a champion, a hero, who is your hand in the mortal realm. You may also gain followers, characters who also carry out non-miraculous actions on your behalf, and through which you can roleplay, or you may focus on your champion and have a single character representing your presence. 

Quick rules for individuals combined with rules that handle scale well to deal with a camp of 20 people or a city of 10,000 allow this game to handle heroism and legends where personal actions have an epic scale. 


The Setting as I Have It


Listing of Archons



Creating an Archon

Character Sheets

Basic Rules



Creating Followers


Archon Powers

Archon Conflict



Latest activity

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