Archons rarely fight, but when they do so it is powerful and the effects are lasting. Archon aspects are rolled times three in fights between them. If the attacker rolls higher with a "physical" attack, the defender loses a point in combat, steath, or labor which takes millenia to regenerate. If the attacker rolls higher with a mental attack, the defender loses a point in labor, charisma, or lore. Stealth determines initiative.  

When an archon is hit with an attack and all of the attributes the attack would lower are at 0, the archon is taken out. If "physically" this is usually death, eternal sleep, dismemberment, or some other such thing. If mentally, it could be mind control, social convincing, or insanity. 

Combat: used for "physical" attack.

Stealth: used for "physical" defense.

Labor: used for assist and interfere actions, as well as to shape the area.

Charisma: used for mental attack.

Lore: used for mental defense. 

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